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December 2014 at the Jazz Cafe (view album)

Alison Rayner ARQ Quintet, with Diane McLoughlin, Deidre Cartwirth, Steve Lodder and Buster Birch

Alison_Rayner-22  Alison_Rayner-24

Oct 2014 at the Pavilion (view album)

Martin Shaw with Robin Aspland and Sebastiaan de Krom

Martin Shaw 8-10-14-5 Martin Shaw 8-10-14-4


Sept 2014 at the Pavilion (view album)

Alan Barnes and Tony Kofi with John Turville and Rod Youngs

Alan Barnes & Toni Kofi 10-9-14-32 Alan Barnes & Toni Kofi 10-9-14-31

July 2014 at the Guildhall (view album)

Iain Ballamy with Kit Downes, Connor Chaplin, Tim Giles

Iain Ballamy Iain Ballamy-12


June 2014 at the Guildhall (view album)

John Etheridge with Asaf Sirkis

John Etheridge John Etheridge Asaf Sirkis

May 2014 at the Guildhall (view album )

Chris Biscoe with Kate Williams and Stu Butterfield

Chris Biscoe Chris Biscoe Stu Butterfield

April 2014 at the Cavern (view album )

Geoff Simkins with Gareth Williams and Martin France

Geoff Simkins Martin France Geoff Simkins

March 2014 (view album )

Steve Waterman with John Donaldson and Spike Wells

Steve Waterman Spike Wells Steve Waterman

Steve Waterman

February 2014 (see the album on Facebook)

Tim Whitehead with John Turville and Winston Clifford

Tim Whitehead John Turville Winston Clifford

Tim Whitehead John Turville Tim Whitehead

January 2014 (view album )

Tony Kofi plays Monk (with Cheryl King and Rod Youngs)

Tony Kofi Tony Kofi Tony Kofi Tony Kofi