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Previous livestreamed performances are available to watch online. We’re asking for a small donation to watch the video, so we can continue to support artists whose livelihood has been badly affected by the pandemic. To watch the full performance of either band below, including the band Q&A afterwards, just select the performance you would like to see, and we’ll email you the link to watch the concert online.

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Streamed live from the Boileroom in August 2020 with LIZ FLETCHER (vocals), NIGEL PRICE (guitar), DARREN BECKETT (drums), Marianne Windham (bass). Click here to watch a trailer.

“Fletcher has heart, sensitivity and subtle control – she’s the real deal”- John Fordham, The Guardian`


Streamed live from the Boileroom in July 2020, with DAVE LEWIS (tenor sax), ROBIN ASPLAND (piano), LLOYD HAINES (drums), Marianne Windham (bass). Trailer below

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