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Thank you to everyone who tuned in to our live performances from the Boileroom in Guildford. Between January and June 2021 we held a series of 7 concerts and have been delighted with the response from the audience (of which a sample at the bottom of this page…). Our warm thanks also to members of Berkhamsted Jazz, Chichester Jazz Club, Jazz in Reading, Scarborough Jazz, Colchester Arts Centre Jazz Club, Cheltenham Jazz, and Fleet Jazz clubs, for being part of these unique livestream collaborations also.

All the Boileroom livestreamed performances (excluding the Herts Jazz recordings with Dave Newton and Karen Sharp that we streamed this summer), including the band Q&A afterwards, are available from our library of recordings, for a small fee which we send on to the artists. Just select the performance you would like to see, and we’ll email you the link to watch the concert online. Or select the livestream concerts library and we’ll give you access to all the recordings!

Click here to read reviews of previous gigs from Trevor Bannister at Jazz in Reading and there’s a link to a taster from one of our last summer’s recordings below.


June 2021: Judith & Dave O’Higgins (tenor sax), Graham Harvey (piano), Marianne Windham (bass), Sebastiaan de Krom (drums)


May 2021: Vasilis Xenopoulos (tenor sax), Nigel Price (guitar), Dario Di Lecce (bass), Winston Clifford (drums)


April 2021: Clark Tracey (drums), Simon Allen (tenor and soprano sax), Bruce Boardman (piano), Andrew Cleyndert (bass)


March 2021: Derek Nash (saxes), Graham Harvey (piano), Marianne Windham (double bass), George Double (drums)


February 2021: Freddie Gavita (trumpet) with Tom Cawley (piano), Tom Farmer (double bass) and Chris Higginbottom (drums).


January 2021: Trish Clowes (sax) with Ross Stanley (Rhodes piano), Chris Montague (guitar) and James Maddren (drums).


January 2021: ALAN BARNES (sax) with DAVE NEWTON (piano), MATT HOME (drums), MARIANNE WINDHAM (bass)


August 2020: LIZ FLETCHER (vocals), NIGEL PRICE (guitar), DARREN BECKETT (drums), Marianne Windham (bass). Click here to watch a trailer.


July 2020: DAVE LEWIS (tenor sax), ROBIN ASPLAND (piano), LLOYD HAINES (drums), Marianne Windham (bass). Trailer below

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Huge thanks also to our partners who support us in running these events: Ultimate Stream and The Boileroom.

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A view from the audience

Some comments from the Clark Tracey concert in April, with thanks to everyone who watched…

The evening was a great success with some material I didn’t know.  And I thought your hosting was excellent, superbly conceived and executed.. sufficiently in tune with both your interviewees and your subject matter, that everything was ‘just so’ . Great stuff- Richard

Last evening was really great, I enjoyed it very much, thanks for all you do and the GJC team too! – Roy

Wonderful concert last night with Clark Tracy et al. What a great medley of compositions by his father Stan. I thought that Simon Allen on Saxes was excellent. Again the lighting & camera work was superb. Thank you for organising & I look forward to the next concert. – Steve

Thanks for a brilliant concert last night. I thought that the whole event was very professional, the filming and sound was spot on. In conclusion, a good job well done in spectacular fashion. – Peter

Truly wonderful event. Playing was absolutely sublime! Great hosting by you Marianne! And great job on camera work. – Zoe

Another very good gig. Thank you for organising it, and congratulations for collecting more participatory jazz clubs along the way. – Martin

Thanks for the great music last night, by very good musicians. Hope you carry on with the live streaming even after everything opens up, as it is good to access at home.- Elaine

Very enjoyable gig last evening. Close your eyes and it could have been Stan at the piano!  So well done to Bruce & all. – Peter

Thanks, Marianne, for organising the wonderful live stream concert this evening.  As Bruce said, perhaps the future of jazz concerts is a live concert, with an audience, but reaching a much wider audience as well via simultaneous live streaming.  What made the difference, I thought, between watching a concert on YouTube, of which there are many, was the interactive Q&A at the end. As we were eating dinner, we said it was like being at Ronnie Scotts and eating while watching a jazz concert.- John

Thank you so much for a wonderful gig. It was such a treat.- Jane

Just a short message to register thanks to you and all involved for the work you put in to provide the livestream event earlier this week.  The sound and vison were both excellent and it was great to enjoy the experience of a live gig once again.  Many thanks and I look forward to future events.- Colin

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These concerts have been made possible through the generous support of our partners: